Test it without installing it directly in your web browser

Get a glimpse of Windows 11 without having to install it on a PC, or even configure it in a virtual machine? It is now possible, thanks to Blue Edge, a developer who created a replica of Windows 11 using web technologies such as the React library, CSS, and JavaScript.

If its creation does not make it possible to take full advantage of all the new features that Microsoft offers in its operating system, it has the advantage of offering a mockup preview of the Windows 11 interface.

It is currently possible to open the Start menu, access the Search menu, or even publish the pane dedicated to the new Windows 11 tools. Blue Edge has also integrated a right-click context menu, calendar access (after clicking the date button in the taskbar), and allows you to test Microsoft’s new window manager. In terms of functional apps, you can browse the web by opening Edge, opening Terminal, Microsoft Store, Calculator, NotePad, Whiteboard, or even VsCode.

Also to discover the video:

The developer clearly plans to further develop his project. The next step will be to make File Explorer and other apps available in its demo. Blue Edge also plans to integrate the ability to resize and move windows (it remains fixed for now, but can be resized and moved through the window manager), displaying the Start screen and locking Windows 11, as well as using various themes and wallpapers offered in the official version of the operating system.

Source : Newwen

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