The first leaks reveal several changes

Unlike Windows 8 which has changed drastically, Microsoft leaves the option to apply these changes in Windows 11.

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On June 24, Windows 11 should display normally, and Microsoft has not stopped revealing many clues since the beginning of the month. Meanwhile, The Verge managed to get an upgraded version of Windows 11 and it looks like Microsoft has already made several visual changes. In a short video posted by Tom Warren of The Verge, the new roster can be seen in action.

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Just like on Macs, the taskbar buttons are now central to the middle of the screen. In practice, this feature should make life easier on 9/21 screens.e or 32/9e Where do I go to find the Windows button at the bottom left is too long. To try tweaks in the past, let’s say it’s more cool on Mac thanks to the magnifying glass effect, but it doesn’t help much if you’re using a 16:9 screen.e Including 32 inches, but it may help with larger sizes.

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The new Start menu shows some apps, and no longer allows you to dive directly into them. It is easier for the general public, and allows the Windows Store to be highlighted. The Xbox app shortcut will come in handy for those who buy a Game Pass subscription on PC. We can go without the risk that this interface is completely customizable.

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The beige icons inherited from the ’90s will finally benefit from an update and color to some extent. They take advantage of the new Microsoft aesthetic with icons enhanced with shading and visual effects.

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It seems that widgets that didn’t attract almost anyone are back. Hopefully Microsoft will find a better way to integrate it this time around.

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If Windows 11 brings many visual and welcome developments, it is fortunate that it is in the continuity of Windows 10 and should leave the choice of whether or not to adopt certain new features. Like the taskbar that many users prefer in its classic configuration. With Windows 8 leaving that option out, Microsoft bit its toes and learned the lesson well. So we are entitled to a beautiful visual development of the icons and others such as the menu or taskbar that we can customize as desired. Windows 11 seems to be on the right track at the moment.

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