The game’s ridiculous saga has been abandoned

Every new video game should stand out even before it’s released. for Cyberpunk 2077 movieThis madness has been built on little glimpses for nearly 7 years. GTA V He had great murals in New York. Nintendo went looking for Robin Williams for a Zelda.

upThe game, slated for release later this year, has been getting a lot of attention since its April reveal. First with rumors that it will be Hideo Kojima’s project, and now with teaser miss. Is this a way to stand out? Were the Blue Box Games’ eyes bigger than their stomachs? Or are expectations too high?

Forgive me for the spicy title, but like many video game fans, the saga that surrounds up It starts to make me pessimistic. The last time we had very high expectations about a match, it ended badly. I’m talking about it because I feel like we’re a bit cheated, and I think that’s a shame for a game I’m so excited to try out.

So here is a timeline of the events surrounding up. Keep it to the point: The plot’s origins, Rick Roll-worthy PS5 app and the studio’s explanations. Because like many video game fans, I’m scratching my mind as I follow this great story.

It’s not Silent Hill

Blue Box Games Studios

It all started in June, when the Blue Box Twitter account tweeted, “Guess the name: up = (first letter S, last letter L.” Several players linked to the tweet, now deleted, with silent Hill Hence Hideo Kojima. Players had hope: Excellence silent Hill Will finally be back with a big twist.

up, Which didn’t spill much ink when it was first revealed, quickly became a conspiratorial machine. And to be honest, I found the theories about the game fun, as the players were pretty excited. I love it when web surfers take a hint for themselves and reveal secrets for themselves. What is the reason for posting such a tweet if it were not to provoke this kind of reaction?

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However, shortly after the tweet was posted, Blue Box Studios killed players’ hopes by saying the game had nothing to do with it. silent Hill, Konami or Kojima. But it was too late. The conspiracies were already very advanced, and societies had already formed to unravel all mysteriesup.

Twitter screenshot

We wanted to clear things up. We have no relationship with Konami. silent Hill It is owned by Konami Corporation. We have no relationship with Hideo Kojima. We never intended to tease the name Silent Hill. We sincerely apologize for that,” we can read.

Under this statement, several players expressed disappointment with the studio’s communications. As if he wanted to draw comparisons with Silent Hill and Kojima. Other netizens, myself included, wanted to give the studio a shot while waiting for the next previews, but with a good dose of bitterness.

Abandoned: Realtime Experience PS5

In June, Blue Box announced the name of the PS5 app Abandoned: a real experience. The app was to contain trailers and clips about the game as well as live events about the game. This attractive, mysterious app was scheduled to arrive during June, before bringing it back on August 10. But it didn’t arrive on day 10 either, and the impatience was already felt by players who were already worried about the blue box’s explanations.

Then, on August 13, after hours of technical problems, the studio announced that an update for the app had been published. This device arrived fast for many, but only signaled to my console at about 5:45 PM when the virtual riots really blew up.

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The popular default app, which received a new update with a surprising weight of 5GB, introduced a funny menu screen. Only one box was offered extract. Others said “Available soon!” “.

PS5 screenshot: Kazzie Charbonneau

Following studio promises, this clip had better be amazing. just awesome. bewitching. but not. It was actually a clip that had already been shared by Blue Box on Twitter, and this time it was generated in real time. I was shocked. I checked out the clip as if my life depended on it. I must have missed something! Alas, no, it was already the only glimpseup. I felt… deserted.

I also felt bad, wondering if I was the problem. Was I asking too much? Perhaps my expectations were the reason for my disappointment. But reading the reactions on Twitter, I quickly saw that the PS5 app was greeted with plenty of tomato, confusion, and frustration. Players and gaming columnists agreed that: What is this bullshit-What just happened? Was snake oil sold by charlatans?

Here’s the full excerpt from the PS5 experience

Disaster, the developer admits

In an interview with NME A few days after the app was published, Blue Box’s Hasan Kahraman admitted that the experiment was a failure.

“It was a very big disaster,” he said. “People are really frustrated. Basically we had to cut out clips from a file teaser Opening, I learned that reusing photos already posted on Twitter wasn’t a good idea, because it’s literally only 4 seconds and doesn’t mean much. But we needed to do it, because people wanted revision, is not it? Our priority was – get out of revision To add content later,” Kahraman says.

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However, players were not the only ones who cheated on the Blue Box. Jeff Kelly, host Game prizes Based on Opening Night Live From Gamescom, he also admitted his frustration with the project.

I’m still waiting for the pictures you promised me months ago. I think the developer is a bit overwhelmed by all of this. The host also denied conspiracies that he said he knows much more than he thought about the game, stating that he doesn’t know more than the rest of us. “I’m a little skeptical, just like you.” A rare stance on Keighley, who rarely says anything somewhat negative about the studio.

But we must maintain hope. According to Kahraman, new content will be arriving soon, including a trailer that will reveal more about the game in question.

“We don’t want to repeat the same mistakes – we don’t want to announce the release date and make it too tight for us. Because if we make a mistake, I think we’ll mess up forever. We make sure we don’t announce a date, but the movie trailer is coming soon.”

who knows? With clearer communications and less grandiose promises, up Redemption may be. All you want, after all, is a good game, but Blue Box may have a very large project on its hands.

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