These 11 global stars shared a Rockstar license!

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GTA is without a doubt a cult license. Over the course of the episodes, famous international stars participated and we decided to show them to you!

Stars to prominent personalities

GTA has its fair share of amazing characters. We have also decided on the classification The most symbolic character in the license ! If some characters stay in video game records, This is because over the years, Rockstar has given everything to choose. The publisher has recruited real stars to dubbing characters into its games. We find ourselves today with very big names that we couldn’t even imagine in a video game at the time.

Performance isn’t always convincing!

Stars fickle sometimes! While some have performed admirably, others have been more complex to administer. The character of the movie actor has occasionally spoken. Some were also feeling left out. Anyway, we immediately invite you to discover These 11 world stars who participated in the creation of GTA ! Before we move forward, we also let you dream These are the nine destinations we’d love to see in the upcoming GTAs.

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