TikTok watch history makes it easy to find videos

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(Pocket-lint) TikTok does not currently allow users to see their watch history – or ‘watched’. But that may soon change, according to a leaker.

The popular social media app is said to be testing a new watch history feature that lets you easily locate a video you’ve already watched without having to save it for later or download it to your device.

first spotted Matt Navarra Twitter user Oh Hammoud , which often leaks unannounced features on various social networks, recently shared a screenshot showing TikTok testing a “watch history” option. The feature itself, or at least its controls, appears to be under the “Content and Activity” menu in the app’s settings. Since TikTok hasn’t officially announced or rolled out the feature, it’s unclear how TikTok’s watch history page will work and whether it will just be a playlist of all the TikToks you’ve looked at.

Will there be a filter or search option in my watch history? Not much is known at this point. However, since TikTok is apparently actively testing the watch history feature, it can be assumed that it will launch it officially soon. One more thing is for sure: if and when your watch history is brought up, it will be a much appreciated feature, especially for those who have resorted to workarounds.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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