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To attract young people, the Ministry of Agriculture launches an e-sports competition

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Maud Descamps, Edited by Solène Leroux

How do we encourage vocations in agriculture? Perhaps by organizing a games contest! This is the idea that the Department of Agriculture launched: an e-sports competition on Farming Simulator. The principle is simple: create and manage your own farm in the best possible way.

simulation gameFarming ? What makes some people want to start in real life. A necessity, because there is an urgent need to recruit and train The next generation of farmers : In France, one in two farmers will be old enough to retire within ten years. So we must strengthen training. With this e-sports competition, “we hope to find a new audience,” the USDA tells us. Young people, who do not necessarily follow agricultural training, and who can be tempted by the professions of the living.

A larger than life simulation game

Farming Simulator is a children’s game. Create your profile, then get started. First you will need to buy some land, and then build a farm and barns on it. You will then need to equip yourself with a tractor or even combine harvesters. And then, you have to keep your farm running, as in real life: organizing the harvest, managing the breeding… The competition is held in teams of three. At the moment, there are a hundred players already in the race. The Registrations are open On the Ministry of Agriculture website until November 26.

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