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Twitter continues with its plan to include TweetDeck in blue, its subscription service.

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Paris, March 31. (Benin News/Evening) –

Twitter Conversion projects continue TweetDeck As an additional feature of the monthly subscription service. blue twitterAccording to the latest results from Jin Manchun WongWhich uses reverse engineering to move forward with future improvements and upgrades.

What brings TweetDeck closer to the blue is the recent discovery it made Manchun WongHe also posted on his personal Twitter account: TweetDeck’s registration page is currently under construction.

This page offers an ad-free experience on TweetDeck, which it defines as “a powerful real-time tool for people on Twitter.”

He went on to describe its use of “monitoring multiple schedules on one screen,” as well as “tracking and organizing content” to reach audiences “in real time.”

As part of this, it promises to be able to “receive the latest news and trends as they happen, keep an eye on your brand and your competitors”, as well as the ability to “quickly identify topics that interest you.” The site also showcases a “new way to collaborate with your team” from the European Commission. One or more Twitter accounts.

Twitter has been considering charging users to use TweetDeck since the beginning of 2021. More recently, just a week ago, Manchun Wong said that “Twitter is working on including TweetDeck in TwitterBlue’s list of features.”

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This is yet another indication that TweetDeck could become Paid feature as part of the subscription serviceHe added after gaining access to the code from Twitter.

In addition, the engineer took to a tweet of her own initiative from March 17, in which she noted that as part of her research, a user was allowed access to TweetDeck if he was already following Twitter Blue. If not, it will be redirected to the registration page.

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