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Universities are challenging Quebec by planning a return to existence in February

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In theory, the return to campus should be completed by Monday, January 31. However, some institutions announced this week that they intend to continue their distance learning courses until February.

This is the case of Concordia University in Montreal. The institution announced on its website Thursday that the start of the school year will not take place until Thursday, February 3, three days after the deadline set by Quebec.

Likewise, students and professors at the University of Quebec at Abytepe Timiscameng (UQAT) must not return to class before mid-February. On its website, theUniversity of Quebec at Abetepe Timiscaming He even wrote that distance education will be preferred until 75% of students receive their COVID-19 booster dose.

The University of Quebec’s Rouen Noranda campus in Apetébe-Tmiscaming.

Photo: Radio Canada/Andre Udette

In addition, at least one college, Cégep Regional de Lanaudière, has confirmed in the past few days that it intends to postpone its return to school. Thus, classes will resume on February 7 with attendance. Until then, there will be no distance learning courses; The calendar has simply been changed.

Quebec asks institutions Compliance

However, the Department of Higher Education, Daniel McCann, has planned a two-week “transition period” to allow CEGEPs and universities to reconnect to class lessons after Monday, January 17 – the date tentatively set by Premier Legault of December 30.

This postponement was made on January 7 after some institutions, such as the University of Montreal and UQAM, announced that they would return to attendance on Monday, January 24, or until the following Monday, January 31.

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Legault’s government wanted to recall the rules of the game Friday evening. In a letter to Radio Canada, Secretary McCann’s office called on reluctant institutions to Comply with the directives sent to them on December 30.

Close-up of Daniel McCann at a press conference.

Quebec Minister of Higher Education, Danielle McCann

Photo: Radio Canada/Sylvain Roy Roussel

Return to campus presence must take place from January 17th, he recalls, stressing that he had already shown Flexibility By allowing CEGEPs and universities Possibility to complete this return by January 31.

interview in show midi info, At the ICI Première, Secretary McCann herself recalled earlier in the day that January 31 represented Limit To reconnect as students return to their classroom at post-secondary institutions.

Students want to go back to class

Because deferring from one week to the next to return to school by attending CEGEP and the university does not satisfy everyone.

In Abitibi, for example, an open letter circulation began on Friday askingUniversity of Quebec at Abetepe Timiscaming To go back and start Return face to face between January 17 and 31, the cars Many students prefer the experience of returning to class as government measures permit.

In specific terms, the measure required byUniversity of Quebec at Abetepe Timiscaming Target immunization coverage of 75% for the third dose […] Entire cohorts will be prevented from teaching face to face for several more weeks, write their authors, adding that Quebec No such extreme measure was mentioned.

Not to mention thatit’s clear, according to them, The quality of education received online is not equal to the quality of face-to-face lessons.

« For some students, the university career is nearing its end. Unfortunately, during the last three years of this year, they had only had two full face-to-face sessions, which greatly affected the quality of the training they received. It is very heartbreaking to come out with a certificate and title, but without all the skills that should have been developed during this training. »

Quote from Excerpts from the open letter addressed to the University of Quebec in Apetébe-Tmiscaming

The open letter was signed on Friday evening by more than 70 students, according to its authors. They form a common front against the official position ofGeneral Student Association of UQAT, the local Student Association, which said on Facebook this week that the measure appeared to be illness.

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L ‘University of Quebec at Abetepe Timiscaming And Concordia explain themselves

L ‘University of Quebec at Abetepe Timiscaming She justified herself via email on Friday evening, noting that"lang": {"the value":"the father"And"Label":"French"} ,"the value": {"programming language":"Many of his research activities […[ se sont poursuivies en présentiel sans interruption aucune","text":"plusieurs de ses activités de recherche […[ se sont poursuivies en présentiel sans interruption aucune"}}”>plusieurs de ses activités de recherche […[ se sont poursuivies en présentiel sans interruption aucune et que le retour de l’enseignement en présentiel sera amorcé dès le 24 janvier en commençant par les cours comprenant une composante pratique ou expérientielle.

De plus, l’accès aux campus et centres est possible en suivant les mesures sanitaires et les services aux étudiants, dont le soutien psychosocial, l’aide à la réussite et le soutien technopédagogique, sont disponibles en présence ou à distance, a fait valoir la directrice des communications de l’université, Stéphanie Duchesne.

Celle-ci a également rappelé que des représentants de l’Association générale étudiante de l’UQAT et des quatre syndicats de l’université avaient été consultés. En outre, le ministère est au courant des orientations qui ont été prises par l’Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, assure Mme Duchesne.

L’Université Concordia, pour sa part, a précisé vendredi soir par courriel que sa session d’hiver [avait] It started on January 6, which is Thursday, And, For planning reasons, [était] More consistent to resume lessons in person on Thursday for the purpose of Facilitate the structure of the course.

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Thus, he is scheduled to return in person in the week of January 31.Its spokeswoman, Vanina Maestraci.

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