Update 4.5.4 in publication

Free has published a new update to the server portion of its various free chests. To take advantage of it, simply restart the server box.

This new version brings many improvements and fixes for launcher hardware. A new update was released on December 13th. It’s about Freebox servers.

Seal 4.5.4, this new firmware version comes with the following changes:


WPA1 configurations will be automatically migrated to a WPA1 and WPA2 solution simultaneously in order to improve wireless network security. This change allows WPA1 to continue to be used on older devices while taking advantage of WPA2 improvements

Update Freebox OS API version to 8.5, it is possible to list cameras with default settings permission but not to modify them


Solve problems with detection (or unexpected disappearance) of Freebox Player POP from the list of network devices

Fixed a bug where deleting/renaming a file on an SMB share could block Windows Explorer. Fixed a bug that prevented certain files from being saved on an SMB share

Other minor fixes

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