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Venus, the site of the next two exploration missions

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Also known asevening starVenus has long intrigued scientists at NASA. And in an effort to unravel its secrets near hell, the US space agency plans to send two missions by 2028. We show you.

In Roman mythology, it denotes love, beauty and seduction. But for scholars in particular, NASA agentsIt’s mysterious even though it looks a lot like Earth. On June 2, the US space agency announced that it had chosen Two missions to the chosen planet Venus Part of the Discovery program. Project will cost about 500 million dollars.

Da Vinci +

The names of the two missions are evocative. the first, Da Vinci +, proposes a tribute to the discoveries he made on the science of the human body Leonardo da Vinci. It will be launched for Understand the formation and evolution of Venus, but also to see if the ocean has already formed.

So, “The spherical sphere will plunge into the planet’s thick atmosphere, making precise measurements of rare gases and other elements.Detailed NASA. with 462°C on averageThey exceed the temperatures of other planets in the solar system.

Truth, honesty

the second, Truth, honesty, will allow scientists to know every nook and cranny of Venus. In fact, you will aim to planet surface map, which is located 41 million kilometers from Earth. But that’s not all since then 3D reconstructions will be possible thanks to the synthetic aperture radar.

system for “Confirm whether processes such as plate tectonics and volcanoes are still active on VenusIt can be read on the NASA website.

Venus Restoration

Two missions sent by 2028-2030 are synonymous with NASA’s recovery. It’s been more than 30 years since there was no expedition meantevening star. “It’s amazing how little we know about Venus, but the combined results of these missions will tell us about the planet from clouds in its sky to volcanoes on its surface to its core.‘ said Tom Wagner, Exploration Program Scientist at NASA.

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It will be as if we rediscovered the planet“He is done.

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