Video Games Hall of Fame 2022 introduces four new cult games

We won’t stop saying it, but in recent years the history of video games has been increasingly shedding light on. Sometimes for promotional purposes only, but we still have to applaud initiatives that go in the direction of preserving the legacy of video games. This is how the World Video Game Hall of Fame added four new games to its selection.

Image credit: Toy Museum

It’s the best of the best

Since its inception inside New York Toy MuseumAbout thirty games have been inducted into the World Video Games Hall of Fame. Their choice each time depends on several factors, including the impact a game may have on popular culture or the development of other titles. As well as its geographical spread and distinctive position, which makes it easy to identify.

This, among other things, is why the panel of finalists diversifies each year, with games that have been around for several decades now outperforming newer licenses. In 2022 we can see Rogue from 1980, Minesweeper from 1990, Resident Evil from 1996, or Candy Crush from 2012.

However, the four games that made the Hall of Fame in 2022 are: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sid Meier’s Civilization, MS. Pac-Man as well as Dance Dance Revolution.

Again, the role of the Hall of Fame is not to rank games based on their quality, but based on their influence in the history of the medium. This means that each player will be able to cite games that have influenced their career in this hobby. What will you have?

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