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Vivo: the upcoming X70s should benefit from its own image processing chip, the V1

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Vivo introduces a dedicated image processing chip for its smartphones, the V1. The next spearhead, the V70, is expected.

The world’s number four smartphone, Vivo dreams of leading innovation in mobile photography. Chinese brand announces that it has developed its own brand photographic slide, called V1. An item to be found in the X70 range, it is expected to be presented next week in China.

If Vivo reveals the name of its chip, the V1, that’s all we know, the brand is content to mention the time and resources needed for development. Innovative image algorithms. So we will be glad to find out It helps to better meet user needs by optimizing smartphone camera usage scenarios such as image preview and video recording.. The brand also states that it does not intend to offer the V1 to its potential partners unless “Huge demand for fully customized chips to support its long-term strategy” feel.

Debut next week?

If we stay hungry on a technical level, the announcement for Vivo echoes a preview of the product which is likely to be scheduled for September 9th. The X70, X70 Pro and X70 Pro+, which have been passed by TENAA (China Telecom Accreditation Authority), will already be the first to launch the V1. Smartphones with AMOLED screens from 6.58 to 6.78 inches depending on the model will be powered by a high-end chipset: there is talk of a Snapdragon 888+ for the X70 Pro+ case. All of them will be equipped with complex photo blocks with at least three sensors. Expect nothing less from the successors to the X60 series, which we tested PRO model a few months ago.

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Finally, let’s add that Vivo, which has also partnered with Zeiss for optical equipment for its mobile phones, is not the first to mention the ISP (image signal processor) home to improve the results of his image. This is also the case with Xiaomi, which formalized the Surge C1 last March, within it Mi Mix FoldHowever, it is not available in our regions.

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