VRR Support Finally Arrived

Sony on Wednesday announced several updates coming to the PS4 and PS5 as well as their companion apps. If some are published immediately, the most important and most anticipated will be official now: Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) arriving on the latest consoles within a few months.

Source: Sony

finally ! PlayStation fans and very happy owners will say normal PS5 where Digital. Like their comrades on Xbox Xbox X⎮S and even Xbox One X will soon be able to take advantage of VRR (variable refresh rate)Variable refresh rate of the image.

On Wednesday, Sony promised with a series of announcements and updates coming on PS5 and PS4. But the thing that will grab everyone’s attention is the upcoming arrival of VRR. This will have the main benefit of improving picture sharpness quality by eliminating screen tearing when the picture refresh on your TV is not as fast as the video stream sent from your console.

PS5: VRR support finally arrives
VRR is coming to PS5 // Source: Sony

Publication date not mentioned

Everything will then be synchronized thanks to the presence of the HDMI 2.1 cable and the built-in technology. Games will then gain fluidity, with reduced latency with sharper graphics as well. This will obviously come in handy for upcoming titles that will feature variable refresh rate support upon release. The patch will add support for those already available.

But Sony promises that VRR can be applied to games it doesn’t natively support, and it can be deactivated at any time on all games at will.

If PlayStation formalizes access to PS5, no final release date has been set for consoles. On the other hand, Sony has already formalized at the beginning of March Support for VRR on TVs With 4K support at 120Hz to connect consoles, be it PS5 or Xbox Series…

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