Watch Dogs almost became a driver game before it became a new franchise

Watch Dogs never existed. Ubisoft had initially planned to develop the sequel to Driver which is the car game franchise. This explains why leadership plays such an important role in Watch Dogs, the latest version of which was released recently.

Watch Dogs have not recycled components from the Driver’s franchise. It should be Direct sequel to Driver: San Francisco. Yes, the Watch Dogs franchise has almost never seen the light of day. Please attach your CV with the letter 2014, The first Watch Dogs opus was initially developed as a sequel to Driver: San Francisco that itself was released in 2011. Watch Dogs’ latest installment, Legion, was released a few months ago and We also tested its performance on the GeForce RTX 3080 series, RTX 3070, and RTX 20 series.

Watch the Dogs Corps
Watch Dogs Legion – Crédit: Ubisoft

In Driver: San Francisco, players immerse themselves in the complexion of the main character who is in a coma. So he drives through his imagination More than 300 kilometers of roads in San Francisco. Moreover, fans of the Chase series who are still waiting for a new script after 10 years of Driver: San Francisco have turned to it. Development of a modified version of the first game called The Driver Syndicate.

Watch Dogs was first developed as a sequel to Driver: San Francisco, but the hacking was very different from the franchise.

An anonymous Ubisoft source revealed to our colleagues on VG247 What or what: The game was released around the time Watch Dogs began life as a sequel to the Driver series, but it has always been pretty much what you see in the final product. So that means that Piracy side It was planned from the start. It’s possible the game veered too far from the driver’s privilege to warrant a logical sequel. So this will be the reason why Ubisoft is starting up A new franchise.

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However, revealing the anonymous source contradicts the words of Ubisoft’s North American president during an interview in 2013. It was made clear that Watch Dogs has it. Reuse part of the job »What was said about him Drive car for driver game.

Watch Dogs became Ubisoft’s Grand Theft Auto

The anonymous source claims that The driver suite included all Watch Dogs icons Early in its development. The player is in a large open world city, can roam, play parkour, fight and drive clearly. The focus was already on hacking and technology.

Plus, another unnamed person at Ubisoft explained that the studio turned to piracy after the driver realized: San Francisco can’t stand the giant. Grand Theft Auto de Rockstar Games. Today, Watch Dogs are somewhat of Ubisoft’s GTA. Either way, all sources agree that hacking and technology has made Ubisoft embark on a new franchise, much like Assassin’s Creed born from the Prince of Persia. Furthermore it, The location, time, and date of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed release have been leaked A few months ago.

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