What is the future VPN built into Edge browser?

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When we go online, our data goes a very long way. Thus, an email travels an average of 15,000 km to reach its destination!

A secret tool a few years ago, intended for gamers and security professionals, The vpn has become Application Almost indispensable today for surfing the Internet, whether for incognito browsing or accessing blocked content. is fit for him the computerha wave or his cell phoneTo the extent that Microsoft I decided to integrate it directly into Its Edge Browser.

Just so far opera Presented in an “original” manner vpn at navigatorHowever, Microsoft has thus decided to imitate its competitor, thus pulling the rug out from under Google and Chrome, as their browsers require adding an extension, often paid for, to take advantage of the VPN. On the Mozilla side, the VPN is free, but it’s not built right in fire fox.

Browse anonymously and securely

Technical support document, sourced Newer Windows It reveals that Microsoft is developing its own secure network called Edge Secure NetworkAnd it integrates VPN functions. This feature is already available for some Windows beta testers, and can be found at edge Canary, an upgraded version of Edge.

This job Edge Secure Network It actually uses Cloudflare to encrypt the traffic thus avoiding tracking. Cloudfare is this service that has been very successful in Russia to allow bypass censorship. This function thus prevents your ISP from monitoring your web browsing since it has become a file IP It has been replaced by Cloudflare. The Russians use it for Browse foreign news sites or to reach social networks blocked by Organizer Russian.

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limited tool

However, while Edge Secure Network encrypts your data, it does not offer any form of site protection. Obviously, even though it allows browsing the web using a Cloudflare IP address, the site is still associated with your regional address. The tool is not designed to mislead about its geographical location and therefore it will not be possible to connect to a service that is blocked in Europe or in France due to General Data Protection Regulationor to access US versions of Netflix Or Amazon Prime.

Another limit: you can’t choose your preferred server to connect to the internet, and you have to be satisfied with the server that Cloudfare provides. Finally, Windows Latest determines that there is a limit in a file the sound of data with 1GB of free data per month and requires syncing this feature with your Microsoft account.

Conclusion: If you use Edge, you can actually take advantage of this kind of functionality, and all you have to do is use fake itCloudfare Free VPN. It works with any browser and on any operating system. It also allows you to browse faster thanks to its servers DNS from Cloudfare.

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