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Why Should Professionals Repair Garage Doors?

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No matter how high the quality is, sooner or later you will need to repair the garage door system since the run-out of the automation elements is an inevitable process. In some situations, system breakdown can be prevented by performing timely maintenance of the automation and the door itself. However, in some cases, serious examination by experienced professionals is simply necessary.

It Is Better to Entrust Garage Door Repair to Specialists

There are various garage door malfunctions, the repair of which depends on the type of design and the cause of the breakdown. Automatic systems cannot always be repaired by hand. If the problem is serious, it is better to contact a garage door service like Fix Garage Doors CA.

It is worth considering that the gates should be adjusted annually and in cases where the product performs more than five cycles per day, it is necessary to carry out service maintenance once every six months. Thus, you will increase the service life of your product and save money on door repairs. Repair of sliding, sectional, or other types of design should be carried out exclusively by professionals to avoid systematic troubleshooting of the product.

When Do You Need to Contact a Specialized Service?

You need to contact specialists in such cases:

  • If the gate won’t open.
  • When a defect or breakdown of any component is visible.
  • Automatic doors move unevenly.
  • If the automation does not respond to a signal from the remote control or button.
  • If the gate has not been serviced for a long time.
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Also, the most common problems depend on the types of gates:

  • Swing gates. The tight movement of the gate leaves or when the mechanism cannot open them at all is because they have not been lubricated for a long time, so you should not neglect the temporary care of the hinges of the mechanisms.
  • Sliding gates. The run-out of the rollers on the upper suspension. If their working qualities have not recovered after lubrication, then the rollers will have to be replaced.
  • Lifting gates. The main problem is that the doors do not move. A common cause of such a breakdown is the blocking of the mechanism. The first step is to check that there are no other objects in all moving parts that interfere with the normal operation of the entire unit. It is also necessary to check the presence of the connection of the metal transmitters. Another reason for malfunction in such a situation may be the failure of the spring.

Automatic gates are far from the simplest mechanism, and therefore sometimes breakdowns occur. Doors will be able to serve you much longer if they are serviced by a highly qualified and most experienced technician.

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