Windows 11 build 22523 is available for download, what’s new?

Microsoft released Windows 11 version 22523. This new preview is special because it is the last of this year 2021. The next meeting will be next year.

Windows 11 build 22523 has been available for a few hours. The operating system is available to registered users on the DEV channel of the Windows Insider Program. This time Microsoft is playing the pluralistic card due to the ARM64 environment as well.

This version does not present a major revolution or change. We are in the course of a nice development. Naturally, Microsoft is committed to providing a series of improvements in order to improve the overall experience of Windows 11.

Windows 11 build 22523, improvements and fixes

For example, the snapshot groups displayed in the Alt + Tab user interface are now available to all Windows Insider Program computers. After a gradual rollout to make sure everything is working, the feature is available to everyone.

For its part, File Explorer now offers the option “Add a multimedia server” and (if applicable) “Remove a multimedia server” when you click the “…” button in the command bar.

Microsoft continues to migrate content from Control Panel to Settings.

Added to all this are several bug fixes. It relates to many elements. We have patches for the taskbar, file explorer, featured Windows desktop, widgets, settings and more. The battery level in the system tray should not display a value greater than 100%.

This new version is not recommended for use in the DEV channel of a production PC. It is recommended to install it for testing and discovery purposes only.

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