Windows 11 has been revealed, and Google Maps is turning green

The week was marked by the introduction of Windows 11, the new operating system that Microsoft revealed. As Google has been talking about, between the app issue on Android and the interesting additions to Maps. To wow your eyes, there’s also AMD that launched FidelityFX Super Resolution which will automatically enhance images.

Windows 11 is here

Windows 11 is here

Windows 11 arrives with all its new features and revolution

Microsoft unveils Windows 11 During his conference on June 24. Huge OS update It is a visual redesign as much as it is philosophical. The company is changing Interface, add widgets, but it is also published New Microsoft Store So who goes accept android apps.

But it remains Inquiry about configuration required by Windows 11 Which could leave a lot Microsoft Surface Products on the sidewalk. To see if your computer will be compatible, from here.

Google Maps is inspired by Apple and adds traffic lights

Fortunately for Google, It wasn’t just his Android issues this week. Mountain View has released some interesting announcements for Google Maps. After Apple announced its plans during the recent WWDC conference, Google will also take traffic lights into account when mapping. Thus you will see the maps traffic lights signs appear in the application.. The first posting is for Spain before seeing the job extended to other countries.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: Tested to Compete with DLSS

A solution to improve performance by adjusting image quality, AMD’s FSR technology is there to compete with Nvidia’s DLSS. Unveiled at the beginning of June, We have already been able to try this new FidelityFX Super Resolution Which suggests great opportunities for video games in particular.

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Test of the week: iPad Pro 12.9 M1

The latest touch screen tablet revealed by Apple, the iPad Pro 12.9 has an M1 chip as its companion 11 inch screen. But it has a difference in size in addition to its size: a small LED display. Add technology that stands out without succumbing to Oled. We tested the Beast to see if this new board was worth the look and the financial difference..

Video of the week: 3D audio

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