Wow, Blizzard has leaked Dragonflight expansion

While we wait for a presentation of the future world of cans half aprilHowever, the official Blizzard website comes from a leak of the name of the new extension for WoW: Dragonflight. The studio website has already added additional lines in its code (publicly visible) that invoke the name of the new extension (source in English).

Dragonflight, the new extension name for WoW

While some leaks by unreliable or already known sources mentioned the Dragonflight name a few weeks ago, this code analysis from Blizzard seems to confirm this information. It has to be said that the Dragons universe has always fascinated some WoW players, who are often at the heart of the game’s story.

This leak also confirms speculation regarding specific elements of the data (source in English) a few weeks ago, including mountains and things referring to dragons and their universe.

However, be warned, because no official source has come to confirm this information, and while it’s no longer on April 1st, a small trap on Blizzard’s part may be possible. However, given the timing of this leak and the April 19 conference, everything points to the veracity of this information.

For the most skeptical, we’ll have confirmation of this leak on April 19, during a special conference presented by Blizzard on the future of World of Warcraft. In the meantime, you can find all our information and guides on our portal world of cans.

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