You will be able to subscribe to Spotify without going through Google payment

Google will allow Spotify to use its payment service on its Android app.

Source: Spotify

For more than a year, it was a fierce battle in which he participated Mobile app publishers face Apple and Google platforms. It has to be said that a large part of the economic model for iOS and Android is based on the fact that app developers must donate 30% of their app purchases, in-app purchases or subscriptions to app stores. The applications themselves.

This is partly due to this limitation which, in the summer of 2020, Epic Games announced that it had removed It is an electronic game From the App Store on iOS and from the Google Play Store on Android. However, while Apple seems to be slowly opening the door to Various investigations of abuse of dominant position Under which the company is subject, Google announced a major breakthrough. This Wednesday, Mountain View has already spoken In a blog post To announce a partnership with spotify :

We believe that users should have the option to use the Google Play billing system when installing an app from the Google Play Store. We also believe it is critical that your alternative billing system is subject to the same security standards to protect personal data and sensitive financial information.

In this context, Google will work with several applications to allow them to integrate the various billing options from Google Pay. The first of these apps is none other than Spotify’s music streaming platform: Spotify will introduce Google Play Payment along with the existing billing system […]. This demo program will help you better understand the choice of billing system among users in many countries and developers of different sizes and categories ».

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Other applications should open to other payment methods

Concretely, it would be possible for Spotify to integrate its payment system within its own Android app, in addition to Google’s own payment system. For now, on Android, you can only sign up via a web browser. For the Swedish streaming service, the advantage is obvious, as it will avoid the 30% commission that Google collects for apps downloaded from the Play Store. However, it seems unlikely that Google will not receive any commission on Spotify subscription payments. As the agency indicates ReutersHowever, Google has not specified what commission will be charged under this new program.

Play Store: You can subscribe to Spotify without going through Google payment
On Spotify, for now, here are the options for you to change your subscription. // Source: Frandroid

Spotify is first in the list of Google partners. Other apps should be able to take advantage of this program in the coming months to give users the option to pay for their subscription or purchases through Google or app billing. In addition, Google indicates in its blog post that this program will only be launched in “certain countries”. It is not yet known which markets will be affected.

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