Your iPhone can now save your stranded Apple Watch

With iOS 15.4, Apple has improved a critical point that can affect Apple Watch users: the impossibility of restoring their connected watch in the event of a serious malfunction. From now on, this can be done quite simply thanks to the iPhone.

Your iPhone can now save your stranded Apple Watch
If your Apple Watch fails, you can now use your iPhone to restart it // Source: Apple

A red circle surrounding an exclamation point of the same color and an error message: Apple Watch is no longer responding and cannot be restarted. The fault exists and only a visit to the after-sales service can bring it back to life, given that it has stopped working for a few days.

It is now a thing of the past. With watchOS 8.5 rolled out on Apple Watch and iOS 15.4 on iPhoneApple has fixed a very annoying issue, as spotted by the site watch generation. Your iPhone can rescue and help get your broken Apple Watch back.

Recognition by iPhone

As Apple explains on its support site, if your watch encounters a problem that requires an update or restore, bringing your iPhone, which is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, will display a message on the watch’s display as on a smartphone to fix and manage the problem. It’s the same type of screen pop Like when I first set up the watch.

You can use your iPhone to restart your Apple Watch
You can use your iPhone to restart your Apple Watch // Source: Apple

All you have to do is charge your Apple Watch and double-click the side button to start the process. Then all steps are displayed. This operation is also valid if the error message is displayed with a red exclamation point. It is enough to double click on the side button after seeing the message displayed on the iPhone to start the restore.

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Your iPhone can now save your stranded Apple Watch
The red exclamation point for fear // Source: Apple

This is the major change that the rollout of watchOS 8.5 to Apple Watches has brought with the ability to allow purchases and subscriptions on Apple TV from your watch, or access your Covid certificate from the Cards app.

Along with the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple brand is planning to launch a new Apple Watch SE and a watch geared towards extreme sports.
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