ZD Tech: The 13-inch laptop? Trash can! Make way for a 2K computer with a 16 inch screen

Hello everyone, and welcome to ZD Tech, ZDNet’s daily editorial podcast. My name Ceres clouds Today I will explain to you Why would you ditch your 13″ ultraportable laptop and enjoy a 2kg laptop and a 16″ screen.

For a long time, the trend in laptops has been to offer stronger, smaller, and therefore lighter weight.

Therefore, it is always stronger, that is always the case. Lighter, this may still be the case. But the youngest, it’s over. And this is because, or thanks to, the massive introduction of remote work. We will return to it.

But first, here’s some evidence of what I’m saying.

Apple launches 16-inch fashion

Apple’s new MacBook Pro M1 Max laptop comes in a 16-inch option. Of course, it is very expensive: more than 2,700 euros. It weighs two kilograms. But this new laptop demonstrates a strong trend.

In fact, other manufacturers are quickly getting along with the 16-inch. HP just released a different version of its flagship pro model, the Specter x360 2-in-1, in 16 inches. Same for Dell and Lenovo.

So far, these three brands have only offered 16 inches to video game enthusiasts. Now, professionals are the target with these large sized laptops.

Why do PC manufacturers fall in love with larger laptops?

Well, because more and more of their customers are using their devices to work and play at home. And if they always travel with a laptop, that is much less. Yes, this trend is one of the results of the massive introduction of remote work around the world.

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Obviously, you want more comfort in reading the information on the screen, even if it means moving a heavier machine from time to time.

So, are you going to move a few paragraphs while you’re carrying a dead donkey on public transportation to the office? Not necessarily, explains Jason Chen, CEO of Acer. Yes, the size of screens is increasing, he says. But the frames of the machine have also become thinner and lighter. Laptop manufacturers often use 15-inch computer frames to house 16-inch screens.

And you’ll get a taste of screens so big that you might be using a 17-inch laptop in a couple of years. The Acer CEO assures us that the demand for 17-inch Chromebooks is on the rise. The form factor is yet reserved for workstations.

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