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Danville’s Guardianship Request

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In recent months, some have described the municipal policy climate as unhealthy. The outgoing council was divided, with some votes ending up at three to three, since the seventh member resigned.

But it’s not just the work atmosphere that’s worrying. The municipality has yet to provide its financial statements for the past three years, in violation of the law. In principle, you should do this every year.

The Department of Municipal Affairs responded to Radio Canada via email that it preferred a A collaborative and supportive approach rather than a coercive approach In these cases.

Supervision request sent by elected officials

According to the Municipal General Administration, the financial statements can be submitted with the beginning of 2022. It is currently in Production auditors office.

Radio Canada obtained confirmation that an oversight request was sent to the Department of Municipal Affairs by some elected officials, a few weeks before the election was called.

We will not pursue your request for oversight of the City of Danville.

Quote from:Extract from an email from the Eastern District Regional Office sent to applicants

In a written response dated October 8, to which we were able to obtain a copy, the Regional Director of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs refused to proceed with the request. The current situation does not justify, administratively and politically, the use of this emergency power used by the government in dangerous circumstances-Can we read in the e-mail.

Delays in the financial statements have appreciable effects. According to Danville’s new general manager, who has been in office since this summer, the Quebec government is withholding some of the funds that could benefit the municipality. The city was not in a position to quantify the amounts at risk.

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The Ministry had not yet responded to our interview request on 4 November prior to the publication of this article.

Take a leap into politics in a turbulent context

I wanted to participate because it is true that we were more and more worried about the situation, testifies for mayor candidate, Martin Satri.

Co-owner of Espace du Carmel, a Danville tourist residence, has decided to run for city council membership in stop the bleeding. It is also a bit symbolic, three years without complete financial statements, creating anxiety among peopleSays Mrs. Satri.

Our feeling is that at Danville, we can do a lot more if the basic processes are completed.

Quote from:Martin Satri, candidate for mayor of Danville

Two councilmen trying to jump into town hall

The other two mayoral candidates, Natalie Boissy and Jeannette Benard, who have been municipal councilors during the last term, say they are aware of the gravity of the situation.

Both promise to hire employees, including a chief financial officer. We need to put in place a solid management structure, emphasizes candidate Jeannette Benard. I also wish I had a foreman in public works.

There is a lot of work to be done, but a lot of work has been done.

Quote from:Jeannette Benard, Mayor Candidate

Todd Nathalie Bouassi, Director of Public Works. She said my priority was to shift and hire a CFO. It will be the Director of Public Works, in my opinion, and this will be discussed with the elected officials, to make sure that we have someone to take care of the calls for tenders for our employees.

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what is the reason?

How did the municipality reach such a problematic situation? Outgoing Mayor Michel Blourd, who agreed to answer our questions by phone, claims to have sounded the alarm in 2019.

He explained that the financial statements are the responsibility of the public administration and not the city council. From 2013 to 2017, I was also mayor and the financial statements were preparedexplained.

According to him, he chose some of the elect at the council table the current situation, rather than making decisions that might help resolve the situation. When asked to respond to certain criticisms regarding his behaviour, he replied that It is preferable to look to the future positively.

The outgoing mayor is running for the position of municipal councillor.

look forward

In any case, candidate Martin Satry believes the previous council’s climate did nothing to help prepare for a way out of the crisis. I’ve stood too far from City Council for years, among other things, for that, she explains. This kind of taste for polarization leads to nothing.

All three candidates want to turn the page. For my part, it’s in the pastMs. Satri confirms. We must look forward, both mentioned by Natalie Boise and Jennette Benard.

Always look ahead, as when driving a car. We could look in the rearview mirror for reference, but we’re moving on.

Quote from:Nathalie Bouassi, candidate for mayor

They all feel that they can bring harmony back to the palette. I am a music teacher, and I think I can be a very good conductor to be able to connect people, mentions Mrs. Boissé.

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As for Jeannette Benard, she brought up her training in management and finance. I spent twelve years as a project manager and managed budgets of 5-6 million per year. I care about Danville and her compatriots.

Ms. Satri relies on the fact that she was not involved in the previous decisions. I’ve lived here since 1987 and the citizens of Danville know I’ve always worked with those around me on my mind., specify.

The three candidates have no illusions. If elected on Sunday, they expect to work even harder to resolve some of the overdue issues.

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