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NFL: Buffalo Bills in deep trouble

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The bills were passed by a train facing the ponies. As a result of this huge slip, they are now slipping into the second row of the Eastern Division of the American Conference, behind… Oh Patriots!

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Not long ago, the Bills had a solid 5-2 record. The Patriots, 2-4, looked infinitely far behind. This division, no doubt, was the Bills Division.

That’s how strong the wind can be to blow and turn everything upside down in the NFL at any given time.

Since those days that seem far away now, the Patriots have won their last five games; They now have seven wins and four losses.

The Bills have lost three of their most recent five matches, and have had six wins and four defeats.

Of course, nothing is decided, as the Bills and the Patriots will face each other twice in the next five weeks.

So the split picture will not be decided based on the current stumbles of the bills or the successes of the current Patriots. The fact remains that fortune favors the patriot at the moment.

no consistency

Oddly enough, the bills seem unable to maintain any form of consistency. They haven’t been able to win back-to-back games since Weeks 4 and 5, when they signed what would have been their trademark victory, against the Chiefs.

Since then, the roundup of fun this team offers week after week has become destabilizing.

A tragic loss for the Titans. A narrow victory over the dolphins. An unimaginable setback against the Jaguar. Massive return to the saddle against aircraft. Crash for ponies…

In yesterday’s twist, he stomped the defense without restraint by running back Jonathan Taylor.

264 streaming yards for the Colts is the Bills’ worst total defense in the past five seasons. Well, linebacker Tremaine Edmunds and tackle star Lotolelli were missing, but still…

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The bills generally work well against the race, but when Jumbo jumps physically, as it did against Derek Henry in mid-October, the scenario quickly changes. This is a problematic element.

In attack, for the third game in a row, the Bills committed no fewer than two turns. The situation must be corrected quickly.

The Bills are too talented to lose the battle in their division. They have not been considered the favorites in the race yet. Against the Patriots, such disjointed games would not be enough.

Taylor the best player?

For the Colts, the victory was massive, as they stay in the qualifying race. If they qualify at the end of the streak, forward Jonathan Taylor should be considered a logical MVP contender.

His five hits against the Bills proved to be a record of excellence. He’s producing fiercely every week, with 15 touchdowns and nine games within 100 yards of the line of scrimmage.

No carrier has been voted as the best player since Adrian Peterson in 2012. If the Colts make the playoffs, they’ll owe it to the carrier for a second year.


Jonathan Taylor

With 185 yards flowing, 19 receiving and five touchdowns, Jonathan Taylor has once again shown that he will be one of the best freight forwarders in the league for years to come. The Colts ace had an eighth game in a row with no less than 100 yards of fray line and one touchdown.

Justin Jefferson

Kirk Cousins ​​could have been mentioned in that column as well, but receiver Justin Jefferson was a stunning with 169 yards and two touchdowns, including a superb touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

Ron Rivera

Washington’s head coach defeated his former team in Carolina, in front of an excited crowd for Cam Newton’s first start. His men kept their cool and won the second consecutive survival game in the elimination race.

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Galen Hurts

His passing numbers aren’t amazing (13 for 24 and 147 yards), but the Eagles quarterback scored three touchdown touchdowns, including a superb one. Hurts is shopping for another season as the start of next year.

Steve Spagnolo

The Chiefs’ defensive coordinator shot a defense that looked awful early in the season. The Chiefs denied the Cowboys relegation after scoring at least two goals in every game this season.


Ryan Taneyhill

The Titans quarterback had a gruesome game of four heists. It looked as if the Titans had learned from their poor flyers early in the season, but hit their competitive level again against the Texans.

Les Bears

So can’t the Bears beat the Ravens without quarterback (Lamar Jackson), top receiver (Marquis Brown) and top three appearances? In addition to this, Justin Fields was injured. scary day…


The Saints have lost their last three games, their first since 2016. Trevor Simian threw two interceptions. It is clear that it will not be the solution, even if only temporarily.


Some questionable decisions remain this week, but the most obvious is the punishment of captain Clyde Edwards Heller’s own carrier for pointing the finger at linebacker Luke Gifford upon relegation…Provocation penalties are a disaster.

Les Seahawks

The team is 3-7 for the first time since 2009. Russell Wilson has lost three consecutive games for the first time in his career. Seahawks are 1-4 in the house. In short, nothing is going well.

5 key moments a week

1. Return “DOC”

It won’t take Laurent DuVernay-Tardiff long to find his place in the starting line-up. Last week he had been in uniform, but had not seen any offensive ground. This week against the Dolphins, he regained his right-hand position and looked good in defeat. The Jets had been betting on the same starters since week two and this eight-game streak was the longest since 2015. It was clear that “LDT” would replace Greg Van Roten.

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When it comes to great defensive play, few players do better than Darius Sly of the Eagles. At the end of the second quarter, Slay gave his team some good calm when he blocked the way for the touchdown. Scored his third goal in the past four weeks!


Since the beginning of his career, Tua Tagovailoa has been criticized for not being a fan of the long play, and in front of the Jets, he threw a 65-yard touchdown pass to Mack Hollins, his longest play to date. Tagovailoa escaped the pressure to discover Hollins at the other end of the field. Incidentally, the Dolphins won three games in a row.

4. Always suspicious

Vikings are the undisputed kings of suspense. Nine of their ten matches ended in the game’s last match.

This time, it was a 29-yard field goal from Greg Joseph that ended the debate against the Packers in the last game in regular time.

On three occasions, they found themselves in overtime. become a habit.


The Cardinals, without Kyle Murray, took a second win in three games with quarterback Colt McCoy. Late in the game against the Seahawks, they came three points from the cards, but McCoy orchestrated a 10-play and 67-yard offensive push that landed James Conner to disqualify the Seahawks for good.

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