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TV: news and expected returns

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In the past year, broadcasters and producers have had to use their imaginations to complete their schedules or film despite the pandemic in order to deliver rich and entertaining programming. If some projects are put on ice, the upcoming school year promises to be a regular one and will welcome its share of novelties. Premium programs that are really attractive to advertisers.

Our television cannot survive without advertisers. On the contrary, appearing on a popular show can go a long way in the field of brand promotion.

“The broadcasters have coped very well last year with high-quality productions,” says Marie-Christine Simard, vice president of events at Cosette Media. If advertisers were a bit more at the last minute due to the instability of the pandemic, the good news now is that they are there. There is hardly any stock. “

Thus, each program finds its partners.

“There are emphatic values, great weapons, such as District 31 And revolution, back, like star AcademyRebecca Rodriguez, director of media purchasing at Dentsu, explains who is chasing shoulders with new products in the top 20. We also note that TVA is trying to revamp its goal with concepts like love islandAnd masked singers And Chaos. »

Is it seducing an audience not in front of traditional channels?

“Children between the ages of 25 and 54 are target group #1. This is the heart of investments,” says Marie-Christine Simard. But in 2021, we cannot neglect digital platforms that allow anytime listening, competing with big foreign players like Netflix which are more evident in the habits of young people and their pursuit of flexibility.

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Rebecca Rodriguez confirms that “TOU.TV, TVA+ and have seen a marked increase in listening during the pandemic.” TVA+ only posted a 24% increase between January and March. “

DNA strands

Each channel has its own DNA and unique dates.

Sunday for example, Everyone is talking about it Confrontation revolution And extra OD, Three very different shows, notes Rebecca Rodriguez. The goal is to analyze where the goal performs best. And when you have such a locomotive District 31We know some people will be alive for the rest of the evening. And Radio-Canada is famous for its novels. We can see it with after, after And White Night Which we eagerly await.

“Télé-Québec is a little gem,” she continues. They may not have as wide a reach as other general practitioners, but they do get a pretty great dedication. ”

“Télé-Québec offers a strong and stable network, and a desirable environment for advertisers whose profiles differ from that of other publics,” notes Marie-Christine Simard. Featured And my twenties Awarded 3 and a half and 3 stars respectively. “

Fairy tales are very popular among the public and advertisers. Rebecca Rodriguez notes that “the acquisition of Noovo by Bell has allowed the channel to have productions appearing in the top 20 channels as well as access to a larger catalog in French and English.”

« Role And neither do I It stands out alongside Nouveau, says Marie-Christine Simard. perfect moments [TVA] It gets 4 stars from us. There is a nice distribution, light content. Chaos It is very popular in shopping aspect. TVA has put it together well. “

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masked singers, adapt disguised singer, climbed to the top five.

“It’s family-friendly, uniting, entertaining, and stars we love,” explains Marie-Christine Simard. International success secures, but it is not necessarily a guarantee of success. ”


And what about the headlines in an era of search for new faces and diversity?

Marie-Christine Simard stresses, “One or two big names can attract attention, so give value to a project. Diversity is more important and we encourage it. Broadcasters play their part and advertisers too.”

Thus, to motivate advertisers and determine the value of their placements, agencies rely on the history and performance of the program according to the target audience if it is not new, the type of environment, its summary and star system.

“Contrary to what we see in the rest of Canada, Quebec’s audience is very attached to its stars,” confirms Rebecca Rodriguez. See that’s an incentive for people to watch. Emissions are also evaluated based on station estimates. We evaluate what the program will play against, if the competition will affect the audience. “

In addition, for an advertiser to be associated with a program, it must demonstrate that it is reaching the target audience, that this connection is natural and coherent, and that there are opportunities for integration thanks to digital extensions.

« From It works very well at this level,” asserts Ms. Simard. In short, television is no longer just television. It is 360 degrees, providing more opportunities for advertisers who want to display there.

Top 10 Autumn Performances According to Dentsu

  1. District 31 (here’s TV)
  2. VAT return (value added tax)
  3. revolution (value added tax)
  4. Chaos (value added tax)
  5. alerts (value added tax)
  6. forever (here’s TV)
  7. Everyone is talking about it (here’s TV)
  8. masked singers (value added tax)
  9. 5NS Ring (here’s TV)
  10. blue hour (value added tax)
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* Estimated stations in Target 2+

The 10 Best Fall Shows According to Cossette Media

  1. District 31 (here’s TV)
  2. revolution (value added tax)
  3. masked singers (value added tax)
  4. alerts (value added tax)
  5. Double occupation Gala (new)
  6. Discussions with my father (here’s TV)
  7. infoman (here’s TV)
  8. blue hour (value added tax)
  9. forever (here’s TV)
  10. Chaos (value added tax)

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