The Eye of Sauron lurks in the depths of the Indian Ocean

An Australian oceanographic research vessel has discovered an underwater volcano in the depths of the Indian Ocean that resembles the Eye of Sauron.

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[EN VIDÉO] 3D view of Monwai Volcano underwater مون
Two maps performed 15 days apart revealed significant morphological changes at the submarine Monwai volcano.

In the abyss of the Indian Ocean lies a underwater volcano in a specific way. If you are familiar with the trilogy Lord of the rings, that sounds weird likeEye by Sauron. It was discovered as part of a study marine biodiversity From the Australian Indian Ocean Territory by a team of scientists aboard the ship RV investigator. The latter has since the end of June made a trip around the unknown waters of Christmas Island and From the Cocos Islands, for one Duration The first 45 days (most recently announced by the Australian National Science Agency on his site That the ship had to suspend its mission in the middle of its voyage for technical reasons without gravityand to resume its journey as soon as possible).

When the ocean makes the eyes

It is located 3100 meters from Deep southwest of Christmas Island, the underwater volcano named Ain Soron, using file multifaisceaux sonar. Technology that emits millions ofsound waves towards Seabeds This makes it possible to draw a detailed map of the ocean area. This elliptical volcano has a diameter of 6.2 km by 4.8 km boiler. A type of large circular or ellipsoidal depression, formed when a volcano collapses.

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Next to him was there too Other volcanic “eyes”, nickname Far Parade And the I want to let it go. These three volcanoes are part of the seamount mass Karma, It is estimated to be more than 100 million years old geologists. They formed next to an old man sea ​​hills, which at that time was located in the south, near Antarctica.

“We know that the area is covered with enormous seamounts that were formed at times dinosaurs We know that the region is at a critical point between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. We are really excited about the prospect of a new discovery اكتشاف Cash, and perhaps even new branches ofTree of life hitherto hidden beneath the waves in this unexplored region”, Expedition chief scientist Tim O’Hara explains in a press release.

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