Twitter suspends an account that gave answers to the Wordle Phenomenon game

This is an online word game, which offers only one puzzle per day, has conquered millions of people. But the wordlinator seems to be bent on spoiling the fun of netizens sharing their boards on Twitter.

« [Le compte] Suspended for violating Twitter’s rules on automated profiles and for sending spam signals. »

Quote from Twitter spokesperson

The bot account automatically responded to players who posted their board Word Today with this kind of message: you know what ? We don’t care about your humble language adventures. For your problem, tomorrow’s word is: XXXXX.

Twitter said it does not tolerate the use of its platform tools to annoy other users.

Its rules specify in particular that unsolicited, dangerous and aggregated mentions, replies and direct messages may lead the social network to suspend or close the respective accounts.

what is the game Word?

The game consists of finding a secret word of five letters in six attempts, similar to the principle of the board game Mastermind.

Although only offered on the web (and not in the form of a mobile app), it was very quickly and widely adopted, especially thanks to the function of sharing its results table (which hides today’s solution) on social networks.

Versions of the game in other languages, such as word, In French, on the web.

The person responsible for the wordlinator account likely found the winning words just by looking at the site’s computer code.

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